Tuesday Nov 21, 2023


Episode Summary: In this gripping episode of "Tax Crime Junkies," hosts Dominique and Tom delve into a true crime story that intertwines tax evasion with a murder-for-hire plot. The episode focuses on Randy Nowak, a Florida-based carpentry contractor and antique car enthusiast, who finds himself in hot water with the IRS. When faced with an audit and the discovery of his hidden offshore millions, Randy panics and spirals down a dark path.

Key Highlights:

  1. The American Dream Turned Nightmare:

    • Randy Nowak, a family man and business owner, faces an IRS audit.
    • His failure to file certain forms and pay payroll taxes leads to severe penalties and potential jail time.
    • A major twist reveals Randy's millions hidden in an offshore account.
  2. A Desperate Plan:

    • Randy seeks help from his business associate, Walter McGhee, rumored to have connections with the Outlaws motorcycle gang.
    • Believing his situation to be dire, Randy contemplates hiring a hitman to eliminate his IRS auditor, Christine Brandt.
  3. Undercover Operations and the Hitman “Reaper”:

    • Walter, alarmed by Randy's proposition, cooperates with authorities, leading to an undercover investigation.
    • An FBI agent, posing as hitman "Reaper," engages with Randy, who provides detailed information for the planned assassination.
  4. The Downfall:

    • Randy's plot unravels as he's arrested while attempting to pay the second installment to "Reaper."
    • At trial, Randy's defense crumbles, revealing a lack of remorse and a focus on his financial losses over the gravity of his actions.
  5. A Tragic End:

    • Randy is convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison, where he maintains his innocence until his death.

Closing Thoughts: Dominique and Tom reflect on the absurdity and dangers of attempting to evade the law, especially when it involves federal agencies like the IRS. They emphasize the importance of ethical conduct and the severe consequences of letting greed cloud judgment.

Next Episode Tease: Join us next week as we interview a former IRS collections officer who knew Christine Brandt the target of Randy Nowak's murder plot.  

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